European Pig Producers pay a visit to Big Dutchman

Focus on pig production and biogas plants

The European Pig Producers pay a visit to the pig equipment supplier. Pig production equipment and biogas technology feature on their programme.

Approximately 100 members of the European Pig Producers (EPP) recently undertook an interesting practically-oriented excursion: Within the scope of this year’s European Pig Producers’ Club Congress in Münster, Germany, the experts had the opportunity of visiting the Big Dutchman Group headquarters and inspecting pig equipment for modern pig management. The topic of biogas also featured on their programme.

Equipment for modern pig production and biogas technology

A visit to a local pig production farm with a biogas plant complemented the excursion programme. The farmer Ingrid Vaske gave the guests a lively and interesting account of everyday life for an agricultural family business in this region. She was able to convey a comprehensive overview on the basis of her own practical experience. In addition to the Big Dutchman pig housing the 365 kWel biogas plant, which is currently in the process of construction, attracted very great interest.


Big Dutchman is the world’s largest pig equipment supplier for modern pig production. A new field of business is residue treatment. The complete product portfolio of the German family enterprise from Vechta-Calveslage includes all kinds of pig feeding systems and pig housing systems. Be it pig or sow management, be it dry feeding or liquid feeding systems or equipment for optimal pig house climate control: Big Dutchman offers the best equipment imaginable for every type of pig house.

European Pig Producers pay a visit to the pig equipment supplier Big Dutchman